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High spec machinery, talented operators.

Passionate about hardworking, high output machinery, we’ve continuously adapted our gear and processes for rapid vegetation management complimented by the tidiest possible debris and good looking finishes.

With our special mix of machinery and operator talent we can: cut right down behind tight fences, handle pretty difficult hill work, easily clear around power lines, squeeze down tight laneways, switch quickly between flail & saw for optimal results. And we do it all with a smile! .

What we do - maintenance trimming at Tree Trim
What we do - maintenance trimming at Tree Trim What we do - maintenance trimming at Tree Trim

Our Machinery

Our goal to provide leading value in tree shelter maintenance has seen us relentlessly invest in developing our gear. Our purpose-built machines have the cab positioned high for visibility above the debris, keeping clear sight of fences, gateways and high treetops.

Our 3 - 3.6 metre slasher and 1.8 metre saw have a powerful hydraulic drive system with a dedicated engine providing heaps of horsepower and control for quick and clean trimming. The slasher provides unsurpassed versatility when efficiency is the dominant focus; crisp, clean lines with the minimum of ‘pop-ups’, and debris cleared from the top and sides to avoid ugly dead hang ups as much as possible. It is awesome on regular maintenance work but can trim heavy limbs up to 110mm thick equally well when necessary.

Our onboard saw trims - while keeping the mess to an absolute minimum - at a speed you won’t believe!

We’ve built (optional) big rims to run tractor grip flotation wheels increasing stability and traction through the toughest conditions whilst spreading our footprint to minimise ground pressure, reducing our impact on your property.

The trimming booms are extremely robust meaning we don’t flop through the lumps and bumps but maintain consistent and strong cutting capability. The booms are extremely versatile in their positioning ability, which enables us to reach 99% of requirements, from tucking in hard against the machine body to trim at only 2.5 metres wide, or to reach out 8 metres across timber stacks or sheds etc.

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